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How To Get Crafty With Leftover Wine Bottles and Corks

It's Corona season and you've drank waaaaay more wine than you ever anticipated. Now you're all out of wine, yet left with all the bottles and corks. Here are some of our favorite crafts to do with your leftover wine bottles and corks!

  1. Cork Keychains

Grab some paint pens, and some keychains for your old corks and get to work!

2. Light it Up

Battery-powered LED lights make it easy for you to turn your old wine bottles into classy home decor.

3. Ring Toss

Perfect for game night! Grab some cheap shower curtain rings and some paint if you want to get fancy and there you have it, ring toss!

4. A Flower Vase

Don't throw out your favorite wine bottle, stick flowers in it!

What's your favorite craft to do with your old wine bottles?

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